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Featuring Michael Vick, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Forsett

June 27th, 2017
6:30 p.m. Throw-Off

Avaya Stadium
San Jose, California

All tickets $10 with 100% of net proceeds to benefit the  Positive Coaching Alliance

the mission

The AFFL will capture the energy and fun of America’s fastest growing youth sport by showcasing the skills and personalities of world class athletes. We are creating cutting-edge entertainment for the new media age.

the rules

General Rules

  • 7-on-7, with 12 man roster

  • 60 Minute Game

  • Clock will run except for the final 2 minutes of the first half and final 5 minutes of the game

  • Field will be divided into 4 25-yard boxes and first downs are awarded each time the offense reaches the next box

  • No blocking, No kicking, No fumbles

  • Only 1 lateral allowed per play

  • Incidental contact is permitted


  • Once the ball is snapped, the Defense has to wait 2 seconds to rush and the QB will have a total of 4 seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage

  • The QB cannot run unless rushed

  • All players are eligible downfield

  • North/South handoffs are not allowed but pitches and handoffs to runners running East/West are permitted

  • The Defense can blitz 3 times per quarter without waiting for 2 seconds


  • 6 pts per TD under 50 yards, 7pts for TDs over 50 yards

  • Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs of 1, 2 or 3 points


  • Most penalties will not award yardage, but rather a free play or loss of down

  • Ball will generally go into play at the spot of the foul or the previous spot

  • No blocking, No kicking, No fumbles

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